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Untitled 2 by Jan Swinburne

Untitled 2


My recent work has developed into is an aesthetic system that combines painting traditions of light play and abstraction with the proportional underpinnings of complexity (chaos theory).

This approach maintains the integrity of a solitary painting while allowing for curatorial encoding and expanded explorations of ideas through a mutable framework.

I am working with expressions and ideas regarding our relationships to light, surface, colour, pattern, language systems and complexity as a meaningful, contemporary, aesthetic.

Untitled 3 by Jan Swinburne

Untitled 3

A long-standing interest in the aesthetics of surface light play, randomness, grids-systems, figure-ground tensions and the abstractions of specialized language has remained the foundation of my artwork.

Jan Swinburne is a visual artist whose multi-media practice is centered on concepts worked through paint and other materials that at times mutate into large-scale, site-specific installations. Jan Swinburne lives and works in Toronto, has contributed to international art projects, presentations and books with a focus on inclusive practices. Jan is a member of Workman Arts visual advisory board and has worked in the disability/psychiatric community as an art facilitator. Jan is a constituent of the alumni of Dawson College and the Ontario College of Art and Design University.

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