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What is Portico Network?

Portico Network is a collaborative platform that:

  • encourages collaboration among clinicians, social service professionals, educators, clients and families
  • facilitates knowledge exchange and the collaborative creation of tools and resources
  • provides tools and resources that can be used in day-to-day practice.

Portico Network is designed for mental health and addiction professionals and people who encounter mental health and addictions in their daily work.

We encourage clients, families and the public to use the information and resources and to ask questions, make recommendations and add their voices to the open discussion forums.

How it works



Helping you find the best expert-approved tools and information

The Portico Network team collaborates with subject matter experts from across Canada to collect and organize the best available online content. We work with a growing network of mental health and addiction organizations to include their information, tools and resources in Portico Network search results. 


Designing resources to support mental health practice

We develop evidence-based, multimedia tools and resources that support your daily practice. Content developed by our team is reviewed by subject matter experts and validated with groups that represent the Portico Network audience.

We are always looking for professional content reviewers. Contact us for current opportunities.


Building a network of professionals to discuss and collaborate around mental health 

Portico Network hosts communities of practice that focus on shared interests subject matter, audiences, objectives and projects. Discussion forums provide a platform to ask questions, express opinions, debate with peers and raise awareness of new initiatives.

Partner sites

Portico's partner sites are built and run by independent groups and networks. They are editorially independent of the main site. Their content is included in Portico Network search results.