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Ontario Ministry of Transportation reporting requirements Dec 2018

Quick Takes: A podcast by physicians, for physicians

Dr. Gratzer is joined by Dr. Brittany Poynter and Dr. Travis Barron

In this episode of Quick TakesDr. Gratzer is joined by Dr. Brittany Poynter and Dr. Travis Barron. They run through a few real-world scenarios as they discuss when to report a patient under the new mandatory reporting guidelines.

Quick Takes: A new podcast

Quick Takes

Keep up-to-date on new practices or legislation surrounding the field of mental health and addiction with Quick Takes, quick and useful podcasts with Dr. David Gratzer.

Dr. Paul Kurdyak

Paul Kurdyak at Rotman 2018

Quality of medical care and mortality among individuals with severe mental illnesses

Keynote presentation from the Rotman 2018 conference.
There is significant evidence describing disparities in health and quality of health care among people with severe mental illness. There is far less evidence on how to address these disparities. Evidence is urgently needed to address early mortality and quality of care gaps for people with severe mental illness.

Rotman 2018

Rotman 2018 speakers

Supporting medical care for people living with mental illness - Welcome and Opening remarks

From the one-day conference held in November 2018 at the University of Toronto. Featuring Susan Abbey, Sanjeev Socklingham, Janis Rotman, Catherine Zahn & Barry Rubin with Nancy Pridham, Danielle Larmand and Susan. 



Lilian Dindo

Lilian Dindo

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): A transdiagnostic behavioral intervention for mental health and medical conditions

CAMH Grand Rounds Sept. 2018 
Learning Objectives: to better understand the value of transdiagnostic treatments; to explain the rationale for identifying depression and anxiety among patients with chronic disease; to describe the role of avoidance in the exacerbation of pain, anxiety, and depression; to understand the mechanisms of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.