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Supporting medical care for people living with mental illness

Supporting medical care for people living with mental illness

November 7, 2018

Welcome and Opening remarks


With Susan Abbey, Sanjeev Socklingham, Janis Rotman, Catherine Zahn & Barry Rubin with Nancy Pridham, Danielle Larmand and Susan. 

The objectives of this one-day conference were to
• discuss the experiences of patients with mental illness and physical health concerns, and those of their families; 
• articulate and discuss interventions to improve quality, efficiency, access and equity in the delivery of services in the Greater Toronto Area for mental health patients with cardiovascular disease, cancer, metabolic disease or respiratory disease;
• advocate the development of quality standards for transitions in care for patients with mental illness who have physical health conditions.

Keynote presentation - Quality of medical care and mortality among individuals with severe mental illnesses


Dr. Paul Kurdyak

There is significant evidence describing disparities in health and quality of health care among people with severe mental illness. There is far less evidence on how to address these disparities. Evidence is urgently needed to address early mortality and quality of care gaps for people with severe mental illness.
• Describe the mortality risk associated with severe mental illness, including specific causes of death.
• Discuss the quality of medical care for common medical conditions for people with severe mental illness.
• Discuss the quality-of-care disparities observed in this population.