Quick Takes 2 - Ontario Ministry of Transportation reporting requirements Dec 2018

In this episode of Quick Takes, Dr. Gratzer is joined by Dr. Brittany Poynter and Dr. Travis Barron. They run through a few real-world scenarios as they discuss when to report a patient under the new mandatory reporting guidelines.

In this episode:

  • Scenario #1: Should you report a patient with acute psychosis who comes in to the ER? [00:42 – 04:43] 
    • They discuss the impact of the language in the legislation and how that may impact your decision to report. 
      • The change in the language around transient versus non-transient conditions.
      • What constitutes acute psychosis
  • Scenario #2: Dealing with a person with alcohol use problems. [04:43 – 08:33] 
    • They delve into the interpretations of engagement and treatment.
    • The option of the permissive or discretionary report comes up.
    • A consensus is reached on how grey things can be.
  • Scenario #3: An opioid user with no history of diagnosis wants to enter detox.[08:34 – 12:00] 
    • This case brings to light the importance of taking a thorough history and asking as many questions as possible.
    • To summarize: It’s complicated.
  • Rapid-fire Q&A with both Dr. Poynter and Dr. Barron [12:01 – 14:33]


In Episode #2's bonus content, Dr. Gratzer interviews Kendra Naidoo, Legal Counsel at CAMH, about more technical aspects of these changes when it comes to substance use, psychosis and suicidal thoughts.


About this episode's guests:

Dr. Brittany Poynter is the Associate Chief and Medical Head of the Emergency Department at CAMH. In addition, she is a Clinician-Teacher, Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Her goal is always to support the triple aim of improving the patient experience, the health of our population, and reducing the cost of healthcare.

Dr. Travis Barron completed by BSc (Hons) in Cell and Molecular Biology at Memorial in 2013. He attended Western University, Windsor campus for medical school, and completed that in 2017 prior to moving to Toronto to begin residency. Travis’ interests are in emergency and inpatient psychiatry.

Kendra Naidoo is Legal Counsel at CAMH. In that capacity, she provides general advice, advocacy and education services to CAMH clinical teams and administrators. Kendra also represents CAMH clinicians before the Consent and Capacity Board and resulting appeals to the Superior Court of Justice and represents CAMH before the Ontario Review Board.


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Mandatory Reporting guidance

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