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Primary Care Addiction Toolkit

This practical reference is for health care providers who work in a primary care setting and who have patients with substance use problems. Based on current clinical evidence and the extensive clinical experience of the contributors and editors, the toolkit addresses common clinical issues, as well as providing useful clinical tools and resources for patients.

The Primary Care Addiction Toolkit includes five modules: 

The toolkit modules are organized into topics that include:

  • screening
  • assessment
  • treatment and management.

Each module also provides:

  • resources for health care providers, including downloadable tools and forms, and guidelines
  • information for patients, including brochures and handouts, self-help guides, tools and apps, and contact information for helplines.

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I was thrilled to read this announcement a few minutes ago, as I had heard that a well-known Toronto area hospital was losing one of its psychiatrists. His patients are being referred to GPs in the community as their other psychiatrist is not taking new patients.
There are so many stories of overprescribing in the community , of addiction to prescription drugs, that the announcement of this primary care Kit reassured me.
Can we be assured that the kits will be put to use ?
Is there an automatic distribution through some medical association ?
It would be nice to know
Posted on 20/02/15 4:15 PM.
Hi Haricotvert.
I am not sure if you got a reply to your question.
I am a GP in Scarborough.
Previous to this I was in the USA.
This phenomenon you bring up was nearly at epidemic stages there in the US.
There were similar aids offered to GP's there.
It is not actually a "toolkit" in the usual sense of the original word which you and I would think about as a worker and his tools.
It is" management speak" first used in Management as "Tools and Techniques" of Management.
It has made it's way into Medicine and refers to various resources to us GP's and other Primary Care Providers . I am doing one of their courses right now. I am findings these "tools" very useful now for dealing with folks who previous may have been seen by a Psychiatrist or indeed Pain Management Specialist. Hoping my interpretation is helpful to you.
Posted on 19/02/17 8:26 PM in reply to haricotvert.
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