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Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference videos

We interviewed several presenters at the Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Care Conference held in Toronto in June 2014. They told us about their work and how it can enhance collaborative treatment care.

Psychotherapy in family medicine

Family physician Dr. Saadia Hameed describes her study looking at how family doctors define and practise psychotherapy. She also talks about shared care as a way to improve access to and quality of psychotherapy in primary care.

Nurse networkers

A nurse networker is part of a team that addresses the social determinants of health in high-priority neighbourhoods. The nurse networker is the glue that binds the client to the services.

In this video, nurse Rachael Haalboom talks about what she did as a networker with the McQuesten Community Nurse Networker Pilot Project in Hamilton, Ontario, and the results.

Recovery narratives

Psychiatric nursing students in Manitoba were given an assignment – to create recovery narratives with their patients. In this video, assistant professor Jane Karpa describes the research project that followed, including the findings and implications for collaborative primary mental health care.

Difficult clinician-patient interactions: Tips for clinicians

Why do up to 15 per cent of clinicians describe their encounters with patients as difficult? In this video, Diana Kljenak, MD, identifies the factors that lead to this perception and gives tips to help clinicians manage difficult interactions.

How consumer and family perspectives can inform practice

Researcher Rebecca Haskell-Thomas describes a study that involved interviewing 114 consumers and family members in two Ontario communities to find out their experiences of seeking and receiving care for mental health, substance use or violence. She also explains how the findings can be used to inform collaborative practices among service providers, consumers and family members.

What's art got to do with it? A model for arts-based occupational therapy

Occupational therapist and founder of the Creative Works Studio, Isabel Fryszberg, describes her arts-based occupational therapy program. This recovery-focused program for clients with concurrent disorders runs out of St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto.

Misinterpretations of a mental health patient in crisis

Diana Mak describes her experience as a mental health patient, including what it is like to be in crisis and what she needs from her care providers in that situation.

Nothing about me, without me: Reducing psychiatric readmissions by listening to patients

Rosalie Steinberg explains a patient-centred approach to reducing rapid psychiatric readmissions. It involves including patients' perspectives on the causes of readmission in order to develop appropriate and effective interventions.