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Forensic Forum series

Forensic Forum is a series of educational sessions for CAMH staff about significant, challenging and timely issues concerning our forensic clients.

Violence, Victimization and Recovery

In the first presentation of what will be an ongoing series, Dr. Sandy Simpson and Dr. Stephanie Penney describe the challenge of understanding the nature of the experience of people coming from forensic care and how the principles of recovery can be woven into care. The presentations explain how to approach risk assessment from a recovery-oriented perspective and how to describe and measure issues relevant to recovery. (2013)

Absconding in Forensic Mental Health Services

Incidents of patient absconding from inpatient units are rare. Much more common are absconding incidents from unescorted or escorted passes from inpatient settings. Although this issue troubles all forensic services, it is rarely studied or described. This presentation lead by Dr Treena Wilkie describes a two-year study of patients absconding from passes from forensic units. The aim of this work is to understand which patients abscond and why, and what happens after they do. This data has already helped to inform policy development. (2013)

Forensic Early Intervention Service

CAMH is shortly to provide a new service to the new remand centre at Mimico. This presentation by Dr. Simpson describes the mental health needs of remand prison inmates and explains how these needs will be addressed in the new facility. The design principles of the new mental health service being developed for Mimico are described. (2013)