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Mini Med School 2012: Alcohol, Psychosis, Aging and Memory and Autism Spectrum

Med school for the rest of us!

In fall 2012, CAMH Education collaborated with the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies, the Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development and the Centre for Effective Practice to present this year's Mini-Med School.

The Mini-Med School has been a very successful biannual event that has focused on health-sciences topics of interest to us all. CAMH was delighted to partner with the school in fall 2012 to provide a first-ever focus on mental health and addiction topics.

The full course involved five evening sessions on consecutive weeks between September 20 and October 18, and was geared to developing a more informed public, a better caregiver and a competent guardian. Students become more aware of important resources and more skilled at critically appraising the headlines and navigating the sea of health-related information that has flooded the media.

Alcohol: The delightful poison with Marilyn Herie

The cause of psychosis with Kwame McKenzie

Memory and aging with Amer Burhan

Desperately seeking services: Autism spectrum disorders with Yona Lunsky