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OMA/Portico Physician Mental Health Series

Portico and the Ontario Medical Association Physican Health Program describe some of the common mental health and addiction issues facing health professionals today.  For more information, visit


Physician Health: Burnout and Stress

Dr. Lisa Lefebvre and Dr. Joy Albuquerque from the OMA discuss physician health and self-care.


Addiction in the workplace

Dr. Lisa Lefebvre and Dr. Derek Puddester discuss addiction in the workplace.



Physician Mental Health: Physician Suicide

Dr. Joy Albuquerque discusses literature on physician mental health and suicide rates.



What is civility?

Dr. Michael Kaufmann discusses 5 fundamentals of civility and how to be civil in a healthcare workplace.



Behavioural Health Problems in the Workplace

Dr. Derek Puddester and Dr. Lisa Lefebvre discuss how to identify and deal with behavioural challenges in the workplace.



Improving relationships in the workplace

Dr. Mike Kaufmann talks about strategies for improving relationships with peers in a healthcare workplace.