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Eating disorders are the most deadly mental illnesses

According to the recently released Eating Disorders Among Girls and Women in Canada report, anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness - between 10 and 15% of those with the illness die. Between 600,000 - 990,000 Canadians meet the diagnostic criteria for an eating disorder, and 80% of those are girls or women.

Despite those statistics, the wait for treatment can be more than a year.

Here is Andre Picard's Globe and Mail article about the report and the state of care for people with eating disorders in Canada. 

We've also posted information about eating disorders for clinicians, inlcuding an overview, guidelines, tools, resources and treatments.

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Eating disorder was known as the most deadly mental illness according to the medical board you have to treat if you eat more. I used to get some fiction on this that was shared by the buyessayclub this will know among the facts to have some situation on these parties to get on it.
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