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Police encounters with people in crisis

Retired Supreme Court Justice Frank Iacobucci has released his comprehensive report  Police Encounters with People in Crisis. It was requested by Toronto Police Services Chief Bill Blair after Sammy Yatim's death last summer. Yatim was shot by Toronto police after wielding a knife.

The report makes 84 recommendations, recognizing that as first-responders, police officers are part of the mental health system. The Empowerment Council's Jennifer Chambers was a strong advocate and in fact, people with lived experience of mental illness will be on the implementation committee. You can listen to her interview with the CBC's Matt Galloway on Metro Morning. CAMH's CEO, Catherine Zahn, will also serve on the implementation advisory committee.

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Police and all other law enforcement plays a vital role in any society, to keep it safe and happier. The idea of dealing with mental illness is great because you have to consult the right person for the right task.
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