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Stigma, shame and art: an interview with Miriam Toews

Novelist Miriam Toews knows about mental illness. Her sister Marjorie ended her life in 2010, twelve years after her father Melvin's suicide.

Toews' latest novel, All My Puny Sorrows, explores the struggle of protagonist Yolandi as she tries to support her mentally ill sister. 

Toews talks about the novel, her family and her own understanding of mental illness, stigma, shame and art in this Hazlitt interview.

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This interview dove in deep about the life of Miriam Towes, and I like that a lot. I'd like to see an interview with essaysoft.net review creator, as well. Is that possible for you guys right now? Can you not conjure up this interview?
Publié le 19-09-10 13:44.
I enjoyed reading this interview with Miriam Toews. I read about her in an article on sncollegevarkalaalumni.com and her work fascinated me. The way she gave the answers was just admiring.
Publié le 19-10-10 12:54.
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Publié le 19-11-10 06:33.
Publié le 19-11-10 06:37.
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Publié le 19-11-11 08:01.
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