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Strategies used for CAMH's successful roll-out of tobacco-free

Phase 1: Change management


Implemented deliverables and activities

  • Included tobacco as part of the patient search policy
  • Tobacco-Free project information into patient welcome package
  • Tobacco screening tool built into the hospital information system
  • Installed campus signage
  • Tobacco-free campus advertised in job postings and updated procurement contracts
  • Hosted staff & patient information sessions
  • Hosted presentations from experts to gain insight into lessons learned

Sustainability activities

  • Ongoing engagement and support of clinical teams
  • Continual education and communication following the principles of change management

Phase 2: Implementation


Implemented deliverables and activities

  • Guidelines developed for policy non-adherence
  • Removed tobacco lockers from campus
  • Rolled out NRT education & consultation for patient withdrawal management
  • Rolled out tobacco-free screening tool at point of patient admission
  • Tobacco screening tool used at admission
  • Completed targeted training for physicians, security and front line staff and included tobacco-free training at orientation
  • Conducted mandatory all-staff training on tobacco-free policy

Sustainability activities

  • Ongoing collaboration and engagement with internal and external stakeholders
  • Ongoing evaluation of tobacco free implementation

Phase 3: Sustainability


Implemented deliverables and activities

  • Safe search for contraband and unsafe items rolled out across campus including non-adherence process
  • Rolled out tobacco screening, NRT, and consultations into Integrated Care Pathways (ICPs)
  • Expansion of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) support services for Outpatients, Staff & Youth
  • Rolled out customized tobacco case consultation services

Sustainability activities

  • Increasing awareness, education and accessibility to NRT to both staff & outpatient clients
  • Optimization of implemented policies / procedures 

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