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Calgary Police Service looking to formalize mental health strategy  28/07/2016

Pop-up supervised injection site hits Surrey streets  27/07/2016

Addictions expert predicts strict opioid guidelines coming to Sask  26/07/2016

Inuk Task Force helps overcome linguistic barriers in mental health treatment 20/05/2016

Delivering better care for children's emotional and mental health needs 10/05/2016

24/7 drug abuse, mental health treatment centre opens at VGH  05/05/2016

CHEO, Royal aim to slash mental health wait times for young patients 04/05/2016

Survey finds big return on investment in mental health 03/05/2016

Ottawa Public Health Release the Mental Health Caregiver Guide 03/05/2016

New publication from SEMH: Social Entrepreneurship and Mental Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries 25/04/2016

One in five Toronto-area workers has mental health issue, while job insecurity is making it worse: study

Supreme Court strikes down 2 Conservative sentencing reforms  15/04/2016

Crisis workers sent to Attawapiskat after spike in suicide attempts  11/04/2016

College of Family Physicians rejects call for mandatory course on safe opioid prescribing 10/03/2016

Health Canada flagged nine key considerations in legalizing marijuana 05/03/2016

Half of all hospital beds in Canada for kids and youth filled to treat mental health 03/03/2016

Online tools improve mental health in primary care: CMAJ 16/02/2016 

Opposition MPs demand government act on dangerous anti-malaria drug 29/01/2016

Canadian troops more likely to have experienced childhood violence: study 27/01/2016  

Bell Let's Talk 2016 at CAMH

Drugs containing codeine will soon need a prescription in Manitoba 14/01/2016 

Health Canada Statement on Change in Federal Prescription Status of Naloxone 14/01/2016 

Alberta highly affected by fentanyl  13/01/2016

Anatomy Of Addiction: How Heroin And Opioids Hijack The Brain 12/01/2016 

Alberta's former PC government rejected $1.4M in drug treatment funding 11/01/2016  

At least 2,250 of Canada's veterans are homeless due to alcoholism, drugs and mental health, study finds 05/01/2016  

The quality of mental health services varies across the province, says new report 16/12/2015

Anti-overdose drug can save overdose victims' lives  2/12/2015

Canada urged to create national system to track opioid-related deaths  30/11/2015

Quebec safe injection site advocates expect approval from Liberal government 15/11/2015 

Mental-health care key to preventing military suicides: top soldier  13/11/2015

Syrian refugees will need mental health support, says B.C. advocate 11/11/2015  

K2 synthetic pot: New York targets drug that kills addicts  03/11/2015

More than half of people feeling depressed choose not to get help: study 29/10/2015 

New licensing bylaw shouldn't affect pot prices in Vancouver's retail outlets  27/10/2015

Marijuana dependency increasingly concerning for Calgary youth rehab clinic 08/10/2015

Researchers urge medical marijuana over opioids to treat neuropathic pain 09/10/2015

More Windsor-Essex babies hospitalized due to mothers' addictions 04/09/2015

Counterfeit oxycodone pills surface in Barrie 04/09/2015

Vancouver Coastal Health to change delivery of Downtown Eastside health services 03/09/2015

Disabled workers treated with opioids take longer to return to work  01/09/2015

New study finds fentanyl deaths on the rise in Canada  11/08/2015

Opioids kill hundreds of Canadians a year 10/08/2015 

Province, nurses' union combating violence against health care staff  06/08/2015

Health Canada to crack down on marijuana advertising  01/08/2015

Government of Canada Announces Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Funding in Yukon 30/07/2015

Health Canada to review status of overdose-reversing drug 24/07/2015  

Anti-anxiety drugs added to Alberta's drug-monitoring list 24/07/2015 

Nova Scotia trauma report links location with injury survival 22/07/2015  

Finding drinking water and shelter from the heat a problem for Edmonton's homeless 13/07/2015  

Debate heated over Drive housing project in Vancouver 09/07/2015

Nearly 1,000 people on wait list for gender reassignment approval in Ontario 29/06/2015   

Be Safe app connects youth to mental health services, support 26/06/2015

NDP Health Critic Sounding Alarm Over Recent Mental Health Stats  23/06/2015

Vancouver set to debate medical-pot bylaws  23/06/2015

Impostor seeking oxycodone lands B.C. doctors and pharmacists in trouble  23/06/2015

Saskatoon could get first pot dispensary 01/06/2015

National program aims to reduce dropouts in addictions treatment 30/05/2015

Island Health opens more housing for people in recovery  29/05/2015

Atlantic Canadian mental illness study continues after 60 years of research 05/23/2015

The case for publicly funded therapy 05/22/2015

Teens heading to ER for mental health care called 'exceedingly frustrating' 05/06/2015

PTSD program for first responders extended to family members 05/06/2015

Meditation as good as anti-depressants - Oxford study 24/04/2015

What you need to know about the latest street drug, flakka 16/04/2015

WHO demands disclosure of all clinical trial results 14/04/2015

School-based mental health program expanding in Alberta 09/04/2015

Universal drug plan would save billions: Study  18/03/2015

SXSW health tech trends  16/03/2015

Family doctors should so more to screen for alcohol use: Study  02/03/2015

Seasonal affective disorder and why light therapy helps  26/02/2015

Dawn of the 'smartphone' doctor  20/02/2015

The intergenerational trauma of First Nations 19/02/2015

Opiate withdrawal in Ontario newborns jumps 15-fold  11/02/2015

Study supports gradual reduction of smoking, with medication  10/02/2015

How Canadian employers are tackling mental health  05/02/2015

"My name is..." campaign growing in the UK  02/02/2015

Can a malfunctioning immune system cause mental illness?  28/01/2015

Widow of man denied a liver transplant because he was addicted to alcohol is fighting the policy   26/01/2015

Changing the conversation from addiction to recovery  28/01/2015

Tobacco bans in school reduce smoking rates  13/01/21015

Is depression an infectious disease?  08/0/2015

The link between anxiety and gut bacteria  06/01/2015

Toronto hospital begins "prescribing money" to patients  19/12/2014

New chair in military mental health created  17/12/2014





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