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Upcoming CAMH Continuing Professional Education Courses

Opioid Use Disorder Treatment Course
Intended Audience: Ontario pharmacists and New Brunswick nurse practitioners
October 1 – November 19

Course Duration: 7–8 weeks
Cost: $450
Opioid Use Disorder Treatment has the same learning objectives as the ODT Core Course. Unlike our core course, this online version has no face-to face component. Pharmacists who complete this course will be in compliance with the Ontario College of Pharmacists' policy regarding required training. 


Concurrent Disorders in Primary Care
Intended Audience: Physicians, pharmacists, nurses and counsellors/case managers
October 1 - November 12

Course Duration: Six-week online course
Cost: $350.00 
Course Requirements and Prerequisites : Participants interested in obtaining a Certificate in Opioid Dependence Treatment must complete the ODT Core Course plus three or four elective courses to meet the certificate requirement of a total of 39 or more hours.
Course Overview: This online course introduces the fundamental concepts of concurrent disorders, with a focus on best practices and research in the field. It is designed to provide physicians, pharmacists, nurses and counsellors/case managers with the necessary information, skills and tools required to identify, screen and support clients with co-occurring substance use and mental illness. The course consists of six self-directed online modules, which are open for six weeks. The course is a part of the Opioid Dependence Treatment Certificate Program.

Collaborating with Families Affected by Concurrent Disorders
Intended Audience: Health care providers
October 22 - December 3

Course Duration: Six weeks
Cost: $400 Registration Fee; $200 CAMH Staff Fee. Course Requirements and Prerequisites: The recommended pre-requisite for this course is the Concurrent Disorders Core Course.
Course Overview: Families are an immense resource in the care, treatment and recovery of individuals with co-occurring mental health and addiction problems. However, they often have limited access to the resources, information and help that they need to be supportive to the ones they love. This six-week online course for health care providers explores the needs of families affected by concurrent disorders, as well as the strategies that health care providers can use to empower families and ensure that their experiences are more positive.