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Cannabis legalization October 2018

Quick Takes: A podcast by physicians, for physicians

Dr. Jonathan Bertram and host Dr. David Gratzer

In these videos of the inaugural episode of Quick Takes, Dr. David Gratzer sits down with Dr. Jonathan Bertram to discuss the clinical consequences of legalized cannabis. Quickly learn what you need to know to screen, assess and treat your patients who present with cannabis intoxication – as well as get valuable insight into history gathering, and dealing with new or existing patients thinking about cannabis as a treatment.

Quick Takes: A new podcast

Quick Takes

Keep up-to-date on new practices or legislation surrounding the field of mental health and addiction with Quick Takes, quick and useful podcasts with Dr. David Gratzer.

Ending Sexual Violence

Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment 2018

CAMH hosted the conference in September 2018. "The goal of the event today is to bring together researchers and prevention experts to really tackle the problem of sexual violence," said Dr. Wells. "Here it is, a year after the #MeToo movement began, and we have so much further to go, but the momentum is incredible. Prevention experts or mobilizing activities for change to reduce sexual violence. And today is just a glimmer of hope in that broader spectrum of initiatives that are happening."

Dr. Robert Zipursky

Dr. Robert Zipursky

Reconsidering Medication Discontinuation After a First Episode of Psychosis

CAMH Grand Rounds April 2018. Learning objectives: outline the different study methodologies used to determine recurrence rates following a first episode of psychosis, as well as their limitations; describe the risk of recurrence with and without maintenance medications for individuals who have remitted from a first episode of psychosis; describe the risk of developing schizophrenia and bipolar disorder when a person has a first episode of cannabis-induced psychosis. 


Dr. David Goldbloom

Dr. David Goldbloom

Vilified and Validated - Marking the 80th Anniversary of ECT 

CAMH Grand Rounds April 2018. Learning objectives: to become familiar with the early history of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT), including in Toronto; to appreciate the cultural history of ECT and its impact on attitudes and behaviour; and to consider the evidence of the effectiveness of ECT.