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Client perspectives

Clients give their perspectives: Diana's story

Diana Mak describes her experience in crisis in a hospital emergency and tells us what could have been done differently to support her.

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Primary care

Psychotherapy in family medicine

Family physician Dr. Saadia Hameed talks about how family doctors define and practise psychotherapy and how to improve access and quality of psychotherapy in primary care.

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Occupational therapy

A model for art-based occupational therapy

Occupational therapist Isabel Fryszberg talks about her program at the Creative Works Studio and her documentary, What's Art Got to Do with It?

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Dr. Kwame McKenzie

The causes of psychosis: Stress

Dr. Kwame McKenzie, a psychiatrist at CAMH, explains the research on the relationship between psychosis and stress.

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Brief Psychiatric Interviewing

Psychiatric Interviewing video series

Dr. David Goldbloom, Senior Medical Advisor at CAMH and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, demonstrates how to properly conduct psychiatric interviews with simulation expert Nancy McNaughton.

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Holistic crisis planning

Holistic crisis planning

This video series demonstrates how to engage youth and families in crisis and safety planning in various settings. This video takes place at a school guidance counsellor's office.

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