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Dr. Allison Crawford on the future of outreach psychiatry

Allison Crawford

Reaching out without falling over - The future of outreach psychiatry

Dr. Allison Crawford presents CAMH Grand Rounds in May 2018 on psychiatric outreach services to rural, remote and underserved areas, including fly-in/drive-in, televideo and e-behavoural health; consider qualtiy, equity, cultural safety and health systems approaches that move beyond traditional models; methods of provider reflective practice and community engagement that can ehance the quality of outreach. 


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Interprofessional Simulation

Chris Kowalski and Laura Naismith

Interprofessional Simulation for Mental Health Education

Dr. Chris Kowalski and Dr. Laura Naismith present CAMH Grand Rounds in March 2018. Learning objectives: understand how simulation can be used to enhance the effectiveness of inter professional care, and describe key instructional design considerations for inter professional mental health simulation.

Dr. Robert Zipursky

Dr. Robert Zipursky

Reconsidering Medication Discontinuation After a First Episode of Psychosis

Dr. Robert Zipursky presents Grand Rounds at CAMH in April 2018
Learning objectives: Outline the different study methodologies used to determine recurrence rates following a first episode of psychosis, as well as their limitations; Describe the risk of recurrence with and without maintenance medications for individuals who have remitted from a first episode of psychosis; Describe the risk of developing schizophrenia and bipolar disorder when a person has a first episode of cannabis-induced psychosis. 


Dr. David Goldbloom

Dr. David Goldbloom

Vilified and Validated - Marking the 80th Anniversary of ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy)

Dr. David Goldbloom presents CAMH Grand Rounds in April 2018.Learning objectives: to become familiar with the early history of ECT, including in Toronto; to appreciate the cultural history of ECT and its impact on attitudes and behaviour; and to consider the evidence of the effectiveness of ECT.