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Access to primary care

People with serious mental health and substance use issues face unique barriers when they try to access primary care. These videos demonstrate those barriers. The skits are based on research by Dr. Lori Ross and her team, who interviewed 85 service users and 16 service providers in the Toronto and Ottawa areas. To learn more about the study visit www.camh.ca/primary-care-study.

Project overview

Dr. Lori Ross, Jennifer Chambers, Myera Waese and Tucker Gordon give an overview of the Access to Primary Care Project.

Track marks

In this dramatization, a service user with a history of drug use runs into barriers when she visits a nurse practitioner about her flu symptoms.

Access via service providers

In this dramatization, a service user faces barriers when trying to access an inpatient program.

The doctor's office

In this dramatization, we see how visiting the doctor's office may create problems for people with mental health or substance use issues.

It's a dog bite

In this dramatization, we see what can happen when a person with mental health or substance use issues visits a doctor for an unrelated problem – a dog bite.

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The very touching videos give an exact description of what is happening to our loved ones when they try to access treatment.
I found a very good on-line two-week training course called : Caring for people with Psychosis and Schizophrenia on this Portico site.During the first week many families and professionals were able to share their experiences .Some families said that they were able to facilitate access to services., they added that professionals also recognised the value of their involvement.
The families who are willing and able to help should be included in the process.
Posted on 18/10/15 6:59 PM.

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