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Dr. Nick Heather

Dr. Nick Heather at the 2017 Alcohol, the Brain and Society Symposium

Nick Heather has published over 500 scientific articles, books, book chapters and other publications, with an emphasis on the treatment of alcohol problems and alcohol brief interventions. 



Dr. Robin Room

Dr. Robin Room at the 2017 Alcohol, the Brain and Society Symposium

Professor Room has worked on social, cultural and epidemiological studies of alcohol, drugs and gambling behaviour and problems, and studies of social responses to alcohol and drug problems and of the effects of policy changes. 



Dr. Marc Schuckit

Dr. Marc Schuckit at the 2017 Alcohol, the Brain and Society Symposium

Marc Schuckit, M.D. has focused on evaluating the importance of genetic influences in alcoholism, and then searching for the biological factors that might correlate or interact with the environment to produce a vulnerability toward heavy drinking and alcohol problems.


Marilyn HerieAlcohol: The delightful poison? with Dr. Marilyn Herie

In Fall 2012, CAMH Education collaborated with the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies, the Office of Continuing Education and Professional Development, and the Centre for Effective Practice to present that year's Mini-Med School.

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