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Dual diagnosis videos

Improving Primary Care

DD CARES and H-CARDD have developed a series of videos for primary care providers who may deal with patients with developmental disabilities.

The series includes videos for:

Desperately Seeking Services: Autism Spectrum Disorders

Videos for clients and families from 2013

What to expect when you go to the ER
This brief clip with Dr. Yona Lunsky walks through a visit to the emergency department and provides tips for making the most of the visit. (3:11)

Use of emergency room services by clients with developmental disability 
Dr. Yona Lunsky talks about her research on emergency departments and what we should do to plan and prepare. (6:19)

There are no quick fixes: Comprehensive assessment 
Dr. Yona Lunsky explains the systematic process of figuring out whether someone with a developmental disability has a psychiatric diagnosis. There are several steps and Dr. Lunsky provides practical tips for making the process as thorough as possible. (5:23)

Using emergency services 
Jillian Carlyle offers practical advice about how to plan for crises in the community, including how to work with police, what you can do if you call 911 and things to remember when going to hospital. (7:07)

Understanding challenging behaviour 
Louis Busch explains how behaviour therapists try to understand why someone with a developmental disability displays challenging behaviour and suggests ways to help reduce this type of behaviour. (6:54)

Going to the inpatient ward 
Anna Palucka offers suggestions for making the most of an inpatient admission for someone with a developmental disability. (3:49)