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Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment Conference 2018

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) hosted the Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment Conference on September 24, 2018.  Some of the conference topics included:

  • Public health impacts of sexual violence and harassment
  • Causes of sexual violence
  • Experiences of victims
  • Perceptions and perceived norms of perpetrators
  • Roles of peers and peer dynamics
  • Bystander interventions
  • Sexual assault resistance and training
  • Engaging men in prevention

"The goal of the event today is to bring together researchers and prevention experts to really tackle the problem of sexual violence," said Dr. Wells, speaking with the Portico team. "Here it is, a year after the #MeToo movement began, and we have so much further to go, but the momentum is incredible.  Prevention experts or mobilizing activities for change to reduce sexual violence.  And today is just a glimmer of hope in that broader spectrum of initiatives that are happening."

Symposium Chair Dr. Samantha Wells: Young men’s beliefs, attitudes, and norms related to sexual harassment and aggression in bars

A short interview with Dr. Charlene Senn on the future directions of sexual violence prevention



Dr. Kevin Swartout: The Importance of Peer Networks for Understanding Campus Sexual Violence


Dr. AnnaLise Trudel: Creating Safe Cities and Empowering Women