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In conversation with alcohol researcher Dr. Marc Schuckit


CAMH's Campbell Family Mental Health Research Symposium is an annual event featuring internationally renowned speakers presenting advances in mental illness and addictions.

Marc Schuckit, M.D. has focused on evaluating the importance of genetic influences in alcoholism, and then searching for the biological factors that might correlate or interact with the environment to produce a vulnerability toward heavy drinking and alcohol problems. Other research efforts include a search for the optimal diagnostic criteria for substance abuse or dependence, which lead to his appointment as a member of the Task Force and Chair of the Substance Use Disorders Workgroup for DSM-IV, Co-Chair of the DSM-V Substance Use Disorders Preparation Workgroup, and is a member of the DSM-V Substance-Related Disorders Workgroup. His third focus has been on the relationship between alcoholism or drug use disorders and psychiatric syndromes, especially depression, states of anxiety, or psychoses. From these efforts he has published over 500 papers and has written over 10 books, including the recent sixth edition of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

Dr. Schuckit is a Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, and serves as the Director of the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program and of the Alcohol Research Center at the Veterans Affairs San Diego Healthcare System. He is Editor of the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, and has been a member of the editorial boards of many major alcohol and drug journals in the United States and Europe. 

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