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Smoking and tobacco videos

The misconceptions of smoking cessation 

Dr. Andrew Pipe's views on smoking cessation have changed over the decades as research uncovers the neurobiology of tobacco addiction and cessation. In this Grand Rounds presentation, Dr. Pipe explains tobacco's powerful influence on the body and brain and describes the successful Ottawa model for smoking cessation. This video series includes the presentation, as well as shorter chapters.

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Quitting smoking is a journey

Quitting smoking is a journey. Drs. Peter Selby and Sophie Soklaridis (CAMH) worked with Dr. Mike Evans (St. Michael's Hospital) and Mercury Films Inc. to create this video about what works and what doesn't when a person is thinking about quitting smoking.

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Taking Stock of Tobacco Control

Kenneth WarnerDr. Kenneth E. Warner of the University of Michigan School of Public Health presents Taking Stock of Tobacco Control, the 2011 CAMH Archibald Lecture on the history of and prospects for tobacco control and smoking cessation, examining the success of different measures put in place in the United States since the early 1960s.

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Smoking cessation in addiction treatment

Dr. Peter Selby, clinical director of the Addictions program at CAMH, discusses why smoking cessation should be a key component of any addiction treatment program.

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