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E-cigarettes help smokers quit: study

A UK study of 6000 smokers has shown they are 60% more likely to quit smoking if they switch to e-cigarettes. This CBC story explains the findings. 

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this study published online in the Journal Addiction (available for free here http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/add.12623/pdf) showed that users of e-cigarettes 464/5863 smokers who made a quit attempt reported more abstinence than users of medical NRT1922/5863 or no aid 3477/5863 in helping them quit smoking. Adjusted odds ratios 1.63 (95% confidence interval 1.17 to 2.27) ecig vs NRT. These are intriguing findings. It speaks to the divide in what smokers want to help them quit and what we as scientists and health care providers think they need to quit successfully. This study has limitations: it is self report but this unique study in the UK complements randomized controlled trials to evaluate real world effectiveness of smoking cessation products. OTC NRT without professional help is marginally beneficial if at all. So the fact that the e-cig seemed to work deserves our attention. Clearly regulations are required to make sure it is safe and not sold to kids and doesnt get people to relapse back to combustible cigarettes.
Also, these e-cigs contain nicotine legally. In Canada, ecigarettes with nicotine are illegal.
Posted on 23/05/14 4:16 PM.
Thank you so much for the wise update that would be pretty acknowledging for the public. Today E-cigarettes are quite popular and these providing the help smokers to leave it fast. The update on uk.edubirdie.com scam pretty helpful and understandable thanks once again for sharing.
Posted on 22/10/19 5:03 AM in reply to reddog.
Posted on 11/01/20 7:22 AM.
E-cigarettes aim to resemble cigarettes, but without burning tobacco. They are used to reduce or quit smoking. However, research shows that E-cigarettes really works for peoples who wants to quit smoking.
By: British Coursework Writers
Posted on 17/01/20 6:15 AM.

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