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Primary Care Addiction Toolkit

This resource offers tools, resources and patient information about screening, assessing and managing addiction problems. Topics include:

Dual Diagnosis Primary Care Toolkit

This one-stop resource helps primary care providers work with patients who have developmental disabilities and mental health problems. The toolkit includes:

  • a quick reference ("The primary care provider's role")
  • care management tools and guidelines
  • information about specialized supports and services in Ontario.

Holistic Crisis Planning Toolkit

The Holistic Crisis Planning Toolkit includes:

  • tools (safety plan, advance communication to treatment provider, supplements to the advance communication and safety plans)
  • Holistic Crisis Planning for Children, Youth and Families:A Companion Guide for Providers
  • Videos that demonstrate ways to engage youth and families in crisis and safety planning.

Wellness and Comfort Activities Toolkit

The toolkit is a resource for activities to promote wellness, comfort and leisure. It helps staff identify alternatives that empower and support clients dealing with frustration, fear and / or worry. The toolkit includes downloadable client handouts for the activities in the guide.


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It is really important for people to focus on their addiction and try getting rid of it regardless of its toxicity. I read on discounts are given by rehabilitation institutes to patients who want to help themselves.
Posted on 02/02/19 9:22 AM.

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