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Holistic crisis planning toolkit

Holistic crisis planning (HCP)

Holistic Crisis Planning is a strength-based, person/family-centred approach to crisis planning that aims to reduce unsafe situations for, and the likelihood of harm to, children, youth and their families. The approach is based on principles of Wraparound Care

HCP toolkit

The toolkit includes:

  • HCP tools: (Safety Plan, Advance Communication to Treatment Provider and supplements to the Advance Communication and Safety Plans) and Holistic crisis planning for children, youth and families:A companion guide for providers)

The tools  are based on crisis planning tools developed by Kappy Madenwald of Madenwald Consulting, LLC Columbus, Ohio  for the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Partnership. They have been adapted for use in Canada by the Peel Service Collaborative.

The Peel Service Collaborative is one of 18 Service Collaboratives across the province of Ontario. Funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and supported by five other ministries, the goal of the Peel Service Collaborative is to improve access to, and coordination of, mental health and addictions services and supports for children and youth in Peel.