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Safety planning tools

The HCP Tools consist of three primary components for use by children, families, and young adults.

  1. Safety Plan
  2. Advance Communication to Treatment Provider
  3. Supplements

There is nothing hierarchical about these tools. They can be used separately or in some combination that is useful to the person/family.

HCP Safety Plan

This is an in-community, in-the-moment tool used by children, young adults, or parents to reduce or manage worsening symptoms, promote wanted behaviours, prevent or reduce the risk of harm or diffuse dangerous situations.

HCP Advance Communications Plan

The Advance Communication tool provides a method for persons or parents/guardians to communicate in advance and in writing to potential future providers of crisis support or intervention.

HCP Crisis Plan Supplements

These are pre-formatted supplemental sheets that persons/families may find useful in organizing and efficiently communicating information that is commonly sought by treatment providers. Youth and/or parent(s)/guardian(s), choose to complete any or all of the sections, and add any or all of the sheets to their Safety Plan or Advance Communication.

Holistic crisis planning for children, youth and families: A companion guide for providers