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Creating a safety plan

Safety planning

In person/family-centered service provision, creating a Safety Plan involves the provider joining with the person/family as they develop a plan.

The provider facilitates, guides, and empowers the person/family in the creation of a Safety Plan that reflects not what the provider wants the person/family to do, but rather what the person/family will actually do in the event of a crisis.

Crisis planning settings

Watch service providers demonstrate how to--and how not to--engage youth and families in crisis planning three different settings.

Guidance counsellor's office

Emergency department

Children's mental health agency

The result should be a Safety Plan that is authentic, meaningful, usable, and "person/family-owned." The planning process and the Safety Plan should help to strengthen bridges within the family, the informal support network, and the formal treatment network—and leave a person, parent/guardian, or young adult optimistic that they have a better strategy for "next time."