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Wellness and comfort activities toolkit

Guide to wellness and comfort activities

The guide is a resource for activities to promote wellness, comfort and leisure. Providing safe, high quality therapeutic care and services in a restraint- and seclusion-free environment means decreasing the frequency and duration of restraint use and increasing the use of alternative strategies/activities.

Staff will find this guide helpful for identifying alternatives that empower and support clients dealing with frustration, fear and/or worry. All clients can benefit from this guide.

Download A Guide to Wellness and Comfort Activities

How to use this guide

Interprofessional teams can use this guide throughout a client's hospitalization. The guide identifies a wide variety of strategies and activities, including web sites and products that programs may purchase to fit the different needs of their client populations.

Clinicians can suggest options tailored to a particular client's strengths, preferences, past experiences with different alternatives, and the current phase or stage of his or her physical and mental condition. For example, someone may find exercise to be an effective strategy, while another may benefit from sensory activities.

Every section in this guide includes a list of indications and precautions for clinicians to consider, along with their assessment findings. Clinicians can then determine which activities/alternatives to propose and offer their clients in order to develop an effective, collaborative care plan.

Client handouts

Many of the activities in this guide have handouts which can be printed and given to clients.

Activity and safety planning

Arts and entertainment


Reading and writing

Relaxation, meditation and spirituality

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