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Resources for patients and families

Brochures and handouts

Best Start alcohol and pregnancy resources. Patient information on alcohol and pregnancy to download or order.

Do You Know . . . Alcohol  
Information for the general public on alcohol and its effects.

Do You Know . . . Alcohol, Other Drugs and Driving Information on how alcohol and other drugs affect the ability to drive safely.

Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines 
Information on reducing the risks of alcohol use.

Partying and Getting Drunk 
Information about binge drinking for young people.

When a Parent Drinks Too Much Alcohol . . . What Kids Want to Know

A brochure that suggests answers to common questions that children have about a parent's alcohol problem.







Medications for the treatment of alcohol dependence (summary)

Self-assessment and self help

Alcoholics Anonymous World Services. (1972). A Brief Guide to Alcoholics Anonymous (PDF only). New York: Author. 

Alcohol Help Centre  
A website for people who are concerned about their drinking, providing personalized exercises, tools, information and a professionally moderated online support group.

Check Your Drinking  
An 18-question online anonymous survey designed to help answer some questions about drinking.

Dealing with Drinking
A CAMH web page that provides steps to cut down or quit drinking.

Thinking about Drinking 
A CAMH self-assessment tool for patients.

Personalised Alcohol Use Feedback
This online questionnaire asks a number of questions about people's alcohol use. People submit the completed online questionnaire and immediately receive feedback about where their alcohol use may be affecting them.

Greenberger, D. & Padesky, C.A. (1995). Mind over Mood: Change How You Feel by Changing the Way You Think. A self-care that gives patients grounding in cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques.

Other online resources

Women for Sobriety. An organization that helps women to overcome their addiction to alcohol and other drugs.