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  • mikedevillaer

    Affiliations: McMaster University Dept. Psychiatry, McMaster University Peter Boris Centre for Addiction Research, Canadian Public Health Association, CAMH
    Interests social determinants of health, prevention, illicit drug policy, epidemiology, tobacco policy, alcohol policy, pharmaceutical policy, alcohol promotion, tobacco promotion, the determinants of the social determinants of health

  • tomperic

    Affiliations: College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF)
    Interests alcohol, treatment, exercise and mental health, nature and mental health, tobacco, cognitive behaviour therapy, depression treatment, client-centred care, mental health and addiction, education and educational research, research, ethno-cultures, suicide, alcohol and depression, problem gambling, behavioural addictions, concurrent disorders, social determinants of health, anti-oppresssion, suicide prevention, assessment, harm reduction, illicit substance use, cannabis, youth, knolwedge translation, motivational interviewing, health behaviour change, education, recovery, homelessness, drug trends, mental health and addictions in post secondary education, mental health, trauma informed care, psychotherapy, first nations, addictions, clinical practice, adverse childhood experiences study, trauma informed practice, health promotion, advocacy, gambling, ptsd treatment, yoga, mindfulness, relapse prevention, mbct, culture, learning, psychoeducation, continuing education, courses

  • isabelle

    Interests depression, infant mental health, child mental health, client-centred care, ethno-cultures, suicide, alcohol and depression, child and youth mental health, anti-oppresssion, suicide prevention, canada, barriers to education, cultural adaptations, mental health, psychotherapy, clinical practice, adverse childhood experiences study, emergency psychiatrty, borderline personality disorder, advocacy, ptsd, ptsd treatment, relapse prevention, culture, psychoeducation, perinatal health, lgbtq health, gender issues, mood disorders, neuropsychology, brief intervention, at-risk populations, youth mental health, client-centered care, depression and alcohol, serious mental illness, talking to young children about depression, vulnerable populations, severe problem behaviour, severe problem behavior, parenting, child maltreatment, newcomer mental health, violence against women, youth mentoring, children tools and techniques in counselling, youth skills and tools in counselling, suicide ideation, child behavior, refugees, sexual assault, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, mental illness, community mental health, client-centred, bipolar disorder, youth isolation, senior mental health, refugee mental health, youth mental health issues, youth sexual abuse issues, youth self harm, youth suiside intervention, what to look for in youth self harm, social services worker with refugees, refugee act, patient advocacy, anxiety and depression neurology, psychology, women, girls, syrian crisis, emergency response, sexual health, shame, childrens mental health, intimate partner violence, sexual violence, substance use in pregnancy, trauma therapy, treating those with substance use disorders, treating those with mental health issues, immigrants

  • amcnamara

    Interests treatment, dual diagnosis, learning disorders, cognitive behaviour therapy, education and educational research, research, child and youth mental health, assessment, ontario, health behaviour change, evaluation, clinical practice, learning, psychoeducation, implementation science, acceptance and commitment therapy, neuropsychology, free software, open source software, innovative technology, applied behaviour analysis, severe problem behaviour, functional analysis, positive reinforcement, behavioural momentum theory