CAMH HPRC is part of Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) in the Provincial System Support Program (PSSP) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).  EENet is a provincial knowledge exchange network that brings together mental health and additions stakeholders from across Ontario. As EENet is a network of networks, CAMH HPRC regularly collaborates with the diverse content specific hubs that make up EENet including Opioid Resource Hub (ORH) as well as other communities of interest on diverse topics regarding mental health and addictions


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Capacity Building

CAMH HPRC builds capacity in Ontario's health promotion, public health and allied health professionals by increasing their knowledge and skills in area of mental health and substance misuse. Our approach is grounded in the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion with a focus on health equity and the broad determinants of health, mental health and well-being. We take a lifespan approach and work with system partners to increase the capacity of health professionals to improve the health outcomes of priority populations including youth, seniors, francophone and First Nations, Inuit and Métis (FNIM) populations.

Partnership Development 

We develop partnerships with internal and external stakeholders across the province for local and system-level conversations to impact practice, planning and policy. We work closely with our CAMH colleagues in the Provincial System Support Program, Evidence Exchange Network (EENet)research, education and clinical programs to drive system change in health promotion and prevention. 

External partners we collaborate with include Ontario's Health Promotion Resource Centres, HC Link/Réseau CS, Public Health Ontario, as well as other system partners to develop shared goals and priorities and align our resources.

Knowledge Exchange

CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre is Ontario's source for health promotion regarding mental health and substance misuse prevention. We work to promote the use of research evidence in health promotion programming, policy and planning by translating research and expertise from within the CAMH as well as externally. To facilitate this evidence to action approach, we develop different knowledge exchange mechanisms and products including toolkits, reports, webinars, workshops and engage in social media. In addition to translating evidence from our partners we also produce research that informs mental health promotion and substance misuse prevention.


Ontario Health Promotion Resource Centres

CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre is one of many health promotion resource centres funded by the Ontario Government. The following is a list of these resource centres and their websites. A list of resource centres including contact information and a brief description of their services is also available here.

Best Start Resource Centre (BSRC)

CAMH Training Enhancement in Applied Cessation Counselling and Health Project (TEACH)

Curriculum and School Based Health Resource Centre (CSBHRC)

HC Link (Healthy Communities)

Health Promotion Capacity Building (HPCB)

Health Promotion Capacity Building - Alcohol Policy (HPCB-AP) 

Nutrition Resource Centre (NRC)

Ontario Injury Prevention Resource (OIPRC)

Ontario Tobacco Research Unit (OTRU)

Physical Activity Resource Centre (PARC)

Program Training and Consultation (PTCC)

Smoking and Health Action Foundation (SHAF)

Youth Advocacy Training Institute (YATI)