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CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre

CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre (CAMH HPRC) is Ontario's source for health promotion evidence regarding mental health and substance use and we build related capacity in health promotion, public health and allied health professionals. In addition, our other primary activities include partnership development and knowledge exchange to impact local and system-level practice, planning and policy.  Examples of our work are available here.   


Thank you for visiting this website. The resources from this website will now be housed on  Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) website. EENet is a provincial knowledge exchange network that connects mental health and addictions system stakeholders to each other and to evidence, to support decision-making. EENet works across the continuum of promotion, prevention, early intervention, treatment, and recovery. When searching for the resources on EENet’s website include the words health promotion to increase your chances of finding the information or resource you are look for.
We will continue to provide evidence and resources on mental health promotion, and substance use prevention, on EENet’s website.


Measuring Positive Mental Health

The Public Health Agency of Canada has just launched its Positive Mental Health Surveillance Indicator Framework (PMHSIF) to help inform mental health promotion programs and policies across the life span. Positive mental health is a state of well-being that allows us to feel, think, and act in ways that enhance our ability to enjoy life and deal with the challenges we face. The framework will help to inform mental health promotion programs and policies. Learn more about the PMHSIF and other other resources for using evidence in mental health promotion here. 


Register Now For CAMH's Refugee Mental Health Course!

Service providers in Ontario can take advantage of the free Refugee Mental Health Course offered in both French and English from CAMH.
Upcoming Course Dates
July 20 - Aug. 30, 2016/20 juillet au 30 août 2016
Oct. 5 - Nov. 15, 2016/5 octobre au 15 novembre 2016
Jan. 11 - Feb. 21, 2017/11 janvier au 21 février, 2017
For more information on English Courses click here. For more information on the French Courses click here

Our Latest Video

There is growing discussion about mental health in Ontario and the way we talk about it matters. This brand new video by the CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre explains the separate but interconnected concepts of mental health and mental illness, as well as what it means to 'promote mental health', in ourselves and in our communities. This video is also available on YouTube here. Or, use the video script here as a discussion or learning tool!

Cliquez ici pour voir cette vidéo en français.

Consommation de drogues et santé mentale chez les élèves francophones en Ontario

En Ontario, les jeunes francophones ont des facteurs de risque et de protection uniques dont il faut tenir compte dans le cadre de la promotion de la santé mentale. Des données sur la santé de la population comme celles provenant du Sondage sur la consommation de drogues et la santé des élèves de l'Ontario (SCDSEO) de CAMH peuvent aider les fournisseurs de services à comprendre ces facteurs et éclairer la programmation pour la santé mentale et le bien-être des jeunes. 

In Ontario, Francophone youth have unique risk and protective factors worth considering when promoting mental health. Population health data like that available from CAMH's Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (OSDUHS) can help service providers understand these factors and inform programming for youth mental health and well-being. Check out an infographic with this data by clicking here.