Pathways to Promoting Mental Health: A 2015 Survey of Ontario Public Health Units (2015)

This report highlights the results of a 2015 provincial survey of Ontario's 36 public health units (PHUs) conducted as a partnership between the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care's Health Promotion Division and CAMH HPRC. The report documents current mental health promotion (MHP) activities in public health being delivered for Ontarians of all ages and stages. The report also identifies specific MHP activities occurring for adults 18 years and older.

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Mental Health and Healthy Weights for Children 
and Youth Knowledge Exchange Forum: Proceedings Report (2015)
To explore the role of mental health promotion as part of healthy weights promotion in public health practice, CAMH HPRC hosted a one-day Mental Health and Healthy Weights for Children and Youth knowledge exchange forum with partial funding support from PHO on March 24, 2015 in Toronto as part of The Ontario Public Health Convention (TOPHC).
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Identifying Areas of Focus for Mental Health Promotion in Children and Youth for Ontario Public Health (2015)
CAMH HPRC recently contributed to a research study supported by Public Health Ontario's Locally Driven Collaborative Project on child and youth mental health promotion. The final report, Identifying areas of focus for mental health promotion in children and youth for Ontario Public Healthhighlights potential areas for public health action in the area of mental health promotion.
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Connecting the Dots: How Ontario Public Health Units are Addressing Child and Youth Mental Health (2013)
Connecting the Dots: How Ontario Public Health Units are Addressing Child an Youth Mental Health is the final report of a research study conducted by CAMH HPRC in partnership with Public Health Ontario and Toronto Public Health. The study explores how Ontario's 36 public health units address and promote mental health in children and youth. 
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Connecting the Dots Knowledge Exchange Forum - Proceedings Report (2013)
To build on discussion arising from the Connecting the Dots report, Public Health Ontario and CAMH HPRC hosted a knowledge exchange forum to further explore collaborative public health opportunities to address child and youth mental health.
Mental Health Promotion for Youth in Canada (2012)
The evidence base for youth mental health promotion is emerging. Given this, CAMH HPRC completed a scoping review to identify the range and extent of youth mental health promotion and mental illness prevention programming in Canada. 
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