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Collaborative Mental Health: An Advanced Manual for Primary Care Professionals provides comprehensive guidance on mental health and addiction treatment for professionals working in primary health care. It assists them in strengthening their competencies for daily work in collaborative mental health care. The focus is on common mental health and addiction problems, as well as concurrent disorders, frequently encountered within such settings. The manual offers an opportunity to analyze the issues affecting mental health and addiction clients' access to care and to create an alternative framework for understanding clients' care needs. The information contained in this book is essential reading for anyone wanting guidance in delivering quality mental health and addictions care within the context of primary care.
The uniqueness of this manual lies in its utility as an academic resource, as well as in its practical application within primary care settings. It provides an advanced review of some of the most relevant topics for these settings, identifies concrete and practical implications and stimulates critical thinking and interprofessional collaboration. The focus is on helping primary care professionals to find appropriate ways to help their clients, as well as facilitating a continuous learning process, using practitioners' strengths and addressing gaps. The manual assumes that primary care professionals are experts in their needs and contexts of the populations with which they work, and will be able to identify within their teams appropriate options to provide effective care from a systems perspective.

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