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Students / Volunteers


Kevin Hareguy is a peer support worker who is currently employed with Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. Kevin holds a BA in philosophy as well as a Bachelor of Social Work from York University. He has been involved with mental health advocacy in his work as an educator to clinicians in the CAMH speaker series, as well as his current involvement as a 'survivor researcher.' Kevin takes a phenomenological approach in his work with his peers, and has held workshops on hearing voices, anti-stigma education, and narrative therapeutic approaches to schizophrenia. Kevin conducted a number of interviews with community members and contributed to preliminary data analysis for the Main Project.


Pooja Patel recently completed her Honours Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Toronto and will be pursuing graduate studies in the fall. She assisted with the entry and management of survey data for the Main Study.


William Zahn is a recent graduate from Cornell University, where he received his B.S. in Urban and Regional Studies.  He has an interest and expertise in spatial analysis and has done work with the Centre for Research in Inner City Health, Cancer Care Ontario, and Toronto Community Housing Corporation.  He hopes to focus on affordable housing research and neighborhood revitalization outcomes, particularly in relation to sociological processes.


Tenzin Tsundue is a student at the University of Toronto. She assisted with the entry and management of mapping data for the Main Study.