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Depression and Alcoholism: Validation of an Integrated Care Initiative

What is DA VINCI?

The goal of DA VINCI is to ensure patients with both a major depressive disorder (MDD) and alcohol dependence (AD) have access to person-centered, evidence-based integrated care. The traditional health care approach to MDD and AD is to treat them separately, often by different health care providers at different periods of time. This is despite the fact that clinical evidence suggests that treating both conditions simultaneously and in a coordinated fashion leads to better outcomes. Initially situated at CAMH in Toronto, through ARTIC funding DA VINCI is being spread to ten other sites in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa and North Bay. Our objective is to work with each partner site to rearrange, educate, and optimize existing clinical and administrative resources to improve access and treatment procedures for concurrent MDD and AD.


DA VINCI is affiliated with the following organizations:




Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement - Video


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