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CMHA Mental Health for All Conference
October 22 to 24, Montreal

This CMHA conference will bring together leading thinkers, decision-makers, policymakers, service providers, and people with lived experience of mental health problems and illnesses, including substance use disorders, from across Canada. 

Ontario Psychiatric Outreach Program Conference 2018
October 25-26, North Bay 

The 20th annual OPOP conference Innovative Approaches to Outreach is a two day interactive event that brings together the OPOP network of collaborators and key stakeholders. This year there will be the chance to discuss innovative approaches to outreach from a multidisciplinary perspective; share and learn more about mental health outreach work directly with members of the OPOP network of collaborators and local service providers; and learn more about the northern region of Ontario, specifically their mental health and addictions needs, challenges and opportunities to serve.

2018 CSAM Annual Meeting and Scientific Conference: Connecting Addiction Treatment Providers
October 25-27, Vancouver, BC

2018 will feature an all-day symposium on addictions for members of the Nursing Profession. The Fundamentals, CSAM’s day-long course of sequential presentations on screening, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of alcohol and substance use disorders will be offered on October 28. This year’s theme, “Crisis, Controversy and Change” speaks to the issues that will be we are currently facing and that will be explored at the conference. The conference will act as a venue for researchers, educators and clinicians from different disciplines to meet, present their research, exchange ideas and collaborate on future courses. 

CADDAC 10th Annual ADHD Conference
October 27 & 28
Saint Mary’s University, Halifax

The Centre for ADD Awareness Canada (CADDAC) is a national, not-for-profit, organization providing leadership and support in awareness, education and advocacy for ADHD organizations and individuals across Canada.  Topics include ADHD Brain Science – Hacks to Assist; ADHD or Pseudo-ADHD?; Demystifying ADHD Behaviour; Executive Functioning; ADHD and Memory; ADHD Medication Treatment; Sleep in Children with ADHD; Assessment of ADHD in Childhood; ADHD Learning Strategies; ADHD in Young Adults Who Struggle in School; Evidence Based School Interventions; ADHD in the Workplace; ADHD’s Impact on Adult Relationships; Adult Coaching; Oppositional Defiant Disorder; Autism + ADHD; Non-medical Adult Treatments.

CADDRA ADHD Conference
ADHD Research Day, November 9
Conference November 10 & 11, Calgary 

The CADDRA conference showcases the latest scientific, clinical and practical information on ADHD diagnosis, assessment and treatment in children, adolescents and adults.  Medical and health care professionals working in the field of ADHD will enhance their knowledge and skills by attending keynote talks, seminars and workshops during in the two-day meeting. The conference is preceded by ADHD Research Day. 


The CAMH Sexual Behaviours Clinic (SBC) 8th Annual Training
November 15 & 16, CAMH Queen Street, Toronto

The SBC invites service providers in forensics, addictions, mental health, child protection, and the criminal justice system to join them for a two-day training at CAMH. This is the SBC's 8th year of providing a series of excellent speakers in the area of sexually inappropriate behaviour, paraphilias, and sexual abuse prevention. 

Toronto Aquired Brain Injury Network Conference 2018
November 15 & 16, Toronto

Join leaders and colleagues from across the ABI community for one of Canada's leading ABI conferences. If you are a healthcare or community service provider, a legal representative, an individual living with the effects of an ABI or their caregiver, you won't want to miss it. The Toronto Acquired Brain Injury Network is a recognized leader in ABI working to improve the quality and availability of publicly funded ABI services and support. 

Centre for Innovation in Campus Mental Health’s Annual Conference
November 21 & 22, Toronto

This year’s theme, Bold Ideas, will focus on innovative designs and solutions to the challenges in addressing mental health needs on campus. Student affairs administrators, faculty, resident directors, and counsellors are often on the front lines with distressed students, and they – along with many other campus constituencies – are searching for ways to best serve students’ individual needs and those of the student body as a whole. The conference will look at five streams: substance use and addictions; mental health strategies; mental health programming; equity; and evidence-based interventions.

Opioid Use Disorder in Primary Care Conference 
November 23, Toronto

The conference highlights topics such as treatment approaches, harm reduction strategies, clinical guidelines and new evidence in the field of opioid use disorder. The 2018 conference will focus on new approaches in the treatment of opioid use disorder.

University of Toronto Annual Department of Psychiatry Psychopharmacology Conference
November 24, Toronto, Sheraton Centre

The Department will be holding this one day accredited event on Saturday, November 24th, 2018. Plenary Speakers include: Andrea Cipriani, Jonathan Downar, Sophie Grigoriadis. Workshop Presenters include: Simon Davies, Benjamin Goldstein, Wiplove Lamba, Jodi Lofchy, Suneeta Monga, Peter Selby, Rima Styra.