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Ontario Psychiatric Association Addiction 101 Day
Saturday, June 16, Faculty Club, University of Toronto
This is a day for skill building for health care providers working with patients who use substances. The focus will be on addiction pharmacotherapy and psychosocial interventions. The format will be didactic presentations and small group experiential exercise. The medications covered will include buprenorphine/naloxone and anti-craving medications for alcohol. The psychosocial interventions will include evidence based behavioural approaches to substance use disorders.


2018 Ontario Problem Gambling and Behavioural Addictions Forum
June 18 - 19, Ottawa Marriott Hotel

This forum brings together service providers from across Ontario to learn from leaders in the field about emerging trends and clinical best practices in problem gambling and behavioural addictions treatment. Registration is closed
    - Highlights of this year’s event include: 
    - Technology Overuse: Helping Patients and Families to Reconnect and Unplug
    - Lived Experience Panel on Video Gaming
    - Hypersexuality
    - Navigating the Impact of Culture
    - Shame, Trauma, and Addiction
    - The Growth of Social Gaming
    - Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia
    - Introduction to Problem Gambling and Behavioural Addictions

Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario webinars
I Love A Good Clinical Handout: Answering Five Key Questions About The Neurobiology Of Problem Gambling Using Person-Centered, High Quality Clinical Handouts - July 23
This webinar will discuss the results of a collaborative project between problem gambling researchers and counsellors in which high-quality clinical handouts designed for use in counselling sessions were developed and tips for how to use them in practice.

2nd Annual Conference of the Research Society on Marijuana (RSMj)
July 28-30
Fort Collins, Colorado

Keynote speakers are Drs. Susan Weiss and Marcel Bonn-Miller.

Addressing Substance Use - De Dwa Da Dehs Nye's Aboriginal Health Centre
RNAO Mental Health & Addiction Initiative
August 10, Hamilton

This free one-day workshop is for nurses and health professionals who want a fundamental understanding of how to work with clients who use substances.


Working Stronger Workplace Mental Health Conference
September 17 to 18, Edmonton

CMHA, Alberta Division is hosting a workplace conference designed to guide Alberta’s employers in achieving better mental health in the workplace. Working Stronger will be two days of networking, information exchange and dialogue that will advance efforts to support healthier workplaces across the province. It brings together the most creative and inspiring mental health thinkers and leaders in the field.

CMHA Mental Health for All Conference
October 22 to 24, Montreal

This CMHA conference will bring together leading thinkers, decision-makers, policymakers, service providers, and people with lived experience of mental health problems and illnesses, including substance use disorders, from across Canada. Together we will design a clear path forward to improve mental health and well-being in this country.


2018 CSAM Annual Meeting and Scientific Conference: Connecting Addiction Treatment Providers
October 25-27, Vancouver, BC

2018 will feature an all-day symposium on addictions for members of the Nursing Profession. The Fundamentals, CSAM’s day-long course of sequential presentations on screening, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of alcohol and substance use disorders will be offered on October 28. This year’s theme, “Crisis, Controversy and Change” speaks to the issues that will be we are currently facing and that will be explored at the conference. The conference will act as a venue for researchers, educators and clinicians from different disciplines to meet, present their research, exchange ideas and collaborate on future courses. 

CADDRA ADHD Conference
ADHD Research Day, November 9
Conference November 10 & 11, Calgary 

The CADDRA conference showcases the latest scientific, clinical and practical information on ADHD diagnosis, assessment and treatment in children, adolescents and adults.  Medical and health care professionals working in the field of ADHD will enhance their knowledge and skills by attending keynote talks, seminars and workshops during in the two-day meeting. The conference is preceded by ADHD Research Day.