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Life Drawing, or, Drawing From Life - Gronk!


Life Drawing, or, Drawing From Life



I’m back in the studio. Yes, it’s been a long absence.

There’s no one reason why I haven’t been working on my graphic memoir over the last number of months. I’ve been busy with a lot of projects, including finishing my Bachelor of Fine Arts, but Dinosaur hasn’t been among them. Mostly, my focus has been on getting experience and training to build my career as an educator. I’m quite anxious to lift myself above the poverty line.


After completing a substantial excerpt last summer, I was devoting my time to plotting out the rest of the book. This involved sifting through many memories of my time in treatment (and earlier), much of which was pretty intense. Intense is okay but it does make it hard to see the forest for the trees.


Furthermore, to be painfully honest, I admit that I'm wrestling with a need for perfection. I don’t mean trying to achieve "perfect" writing or drawing, but to not forget any small detail that might be critical to the story.


Now, after my sabbatical, I think I’m getting a bit more perspective on the core elements, the individual trees of this forest/story. I’m learning to see my narrative not only as I tell it to myself, but as I want to tell it to an audience. That I can see it in both these ways is, I think, a step forward.


Like it or not, piecing together elements of a book is hard slogging, and I find it harder to stick to doing something that doesn’t feel engaging. Which is why I’m drawing today, bypassing words for the time being.


I guess I needed a break from the book. I’ve been scared that I wouldn’t find it in me to re-start, but I’m not worried about that now.


For the time being, puzzling together the written story can wait until I try out some exciting new graphic ideas. It’s always been my intention to incorporate different visual styles, and not just rely on a comic-book look, so I’ll start exploring those now. Be happy for me: I’m going to have a lot of fun. I’ll update Gronk! when I’ve got something to show for my labours.