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Rrroaarwgh! - Gronk!



I'm very, very pleased to announce that a promotional excerpt of Dinosaur is now available on my website, It's 50 pages and features over 200 original drawings. All the blood and sweat I poured into this labour of love are less visible, but I believe it's been a good investment. I started preliminary designs last fall, producing very rough sketches, like this one:

I developed techniques using oil pastel and wax resists on paper, with ink washes. I've learned Photoshop on demand (with much help from friends to whom I'm grateful). I've pestered many people for feedback, argued with them over their suggestions, sometimes agreeing in the end, and sometimes not. I've filled out grant applications, transported (what seemed like) truckloads of illustration board and a drafting table, and learned about the pitfalls of various kinds of computer monitors. I can now explain the finer qualities of good India ink.

I'll now take this excerpt to a printer to have booklets made, which I can then distribute to interested people in the publishing world, and those to whom I owe particular debts of gratitude. I have many ambitions for Dinosaur: I hope that it will allow others with intrusive thoughts to feel like we're not invisible. I hope that healthcare providers will be able to learn from it and inspire their clients and patients. And, above all, I want it to entertain many readers of all kinds of backgrounds and interests. Storytelling is at the heart of my craft, and my ability to make Dinosaur a good story will determine what kind of life this has, how far it travels, and how many people it reaches.

I hope you find time to read this work. If you like it, do let me know, but more importantly, please share it far and wide.