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Taking Back #OCDProblems - Gronk!


Taking Back #OCDProblems

On November 30, 2014, a loose coalition of OCD organisations and tweeters blitzed the Twitter hashtag, #OCDProblems. A search of the hashtag will show that it had become a panoply of people's perfectionism pet peeves. You know the types, those folks who giggle with mock-shame about how tidy they like to keep their knives and forks.


The blitz, by individuals who suffer from OCD, resulted in some very poignant messages. The Secret Illness has created a short compilation of some of the tweets. Click here to get a glimpse of the real face of OCD. Here are just a couple of examples:



While some of these posts made me feel quite sad, it was nonetheless very encouraging to see people talking about subjects that have previously been strictly unmentionable, even within the world of mental healthcare. Yet again, I am prompted to think that OCD targets the bravest, strongest people. Thanks to everyone in the Twittersphere for making such a compelling stand against ignorance and discrimination.