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What is H-CARDD?


Our team of scientists, clinicians, service providers, policy makers and people with developmental disabilities work together to improve the health and health care of adults with developmental disabilities. We have been studying the health and health care of over 66,000 adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario since 2010.

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Health Care Toolkits

We developed two toolkits to assist clinicians and primary care and emergency care providers to improve their practices with patients with developmental disabilities. These toolkits include clinician tip sheets, patient handouts‎, information on local resources, and step by step instructions on how to implement changes. Download a copy or contact us at for more information.

In the health care resources section of this website you will find more tools and information for people with developmental disabilities and caregivers, as well as clinicians and service providers. These tools can help communicating important information in a health care setting. They also include information about health and developmental disabilities, and provide best practice tips for health care providers.

New & Featured

September 2019: New DSP newsletter: The Nuts and Bolts of Health Care Project

August 2019: Read our latest H-CARDD Connects Newsletter for an update on our work related to "Health Checks" for adults with developmental disabilities as well as a great partnership project with Vita Community Living Services targeting direct support professionals and their role in health care 

July 2019: The Nuts and Bolts of Health Care: Training Direct Support Professionals to be Effective Health Care Advocates

July 2019: Launch of Nuts and Bolts of healthcare toolkit for direct support professionals

June 2019 New publication: Read "Prevalence of intellectual and developmental disabilities among first generation adult newcomers, and the health and health service use of this group: A retrospective cohort study"

May 2019 New video: Watch "Health Care & Developmental Disabilities: Alex, Rob, and Betty discuss the latest H-CARDD Report"

May 2019 New publication: Read "Repeat emergency department visits for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and psychiatric disorders"

April 2019 New publication: Read "Improving care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Role of clerical staff"

What adults with developmental disabilities say they need to access annual health examinations: System navigation support and person-centered care"

Comprehensive preventive care assessments for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Ontario – Part 2: 2003-2014"

Improving the quality of primary care for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Value of the periodic health examination"

February 2019 New publication: Read "Addressing gaps in the health care services used by adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario"

December 2018 New publication: Read "Staff experience of an initiative to improve emergency care for patients with developmental disabilities"

November 2018 New publication: Read "The association between continuity of primary care and preventive cancer screening in women with intellectual disability"

"Maternal intellectual or developmental disability and newborn discharge to protective services"

"High health care costs among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities: a population‐based study"

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