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What is H-CARDD?

In the Health Care Access Research and Developmental Disabilities (H-CARDD) program, scientists, clinicians, service providers, policy makers and people with developmental disabilities work together to improve the health and health care of adults with developmental disabilities.

From 2010-2016 our team has been studying the health and health care of over 66,000 adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario.

In addition, we are developing tools and resources to improve emergency and primary health care for adults with developmental disabilities.

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New & Featured

July, 2016 This month's issue of Service, Support, Success: International Journal for Direct Support Professionals features, "The Health Check: What is it and what do you need to know?".

June, 2016 New publication online! Download a copy of: Maternal and offspring outcomes in women with intellectual and developmental disabilities: A population-based study.

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Watch the latest research video about health and health care of adults aging with developmental disabilities.

May, 2016 New publication online! Download a copy of: Morbidity and mortality of women and men with intellectual disabilities newly initiating antipsychotic drugs.

New publication: Frailty as a predictor of institutionalization among adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Watch the latest research video about health and health care of young adults with developmental disabilities.

April, 2016 Publication: Evaluating the implementation of health checks for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in primary care: The importance of organizational context.

Health Care Toolkit

H-CARDD aims to improve health care for individuals with developmental disabilities. We do this by sharing different tools and information we and others have created to help those with disabilities get the best health care they can.

We developed two toolkits to assist clinicians and primary care and emergency care providers to improve their practices with patients with developmental disabilities. These toolkits include clinician tip sheets, patient handouts‎, information on local resources, and step by step instructions on how to implement changes. Please download a copy or contact us at for more information.

Emergency Care Toolkit (PDF)

Primary Care Toolkit (PDF)

In the health care resources section of this website you will find more tools and information for family and caregivers, persons with developmental disabilities and health care providers. These tools will help communicating important information in a health care setting. They also include information about health and developmental disabilities, and provide best practice tips for health care providers.

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