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At H-CARDD we aim to improve the health and health care of people with developmental disabilities. We do this by sharing our research findings about the health and health care of adults with developmental disabilities and by creating tools and resources that improve health care. Here are a few suggestions about how you can help too! It's only if we all work together that we can make change happen.


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Create awareness

H-CARDD created the "Get To Know Me" poster campaign. These posters were first developed to help hospitals become more comfortable supporting people with developmental disabilities. It's a helpful reminder to staff about who the people are that they are supporting.
People with disabilities also like seeing the posters when they visit a health care setting. As it says in the posters, they remind health care providers to "Get to know me. I am more than my disability."
This campaign is one way to encourage people with disabilities to introduce themselves to health care providers. All posters are available for download. Feel free to print and share the posters at your health care site.
We are always looking for models to create more posters. Read more about the "Get To Know Me" campaign and learn how to get involved.

Talk about health

"Preventive care is one of the most important health care interventions for people with developmental disabilities", says doctor Bill Sullivan. Talking about health and mental health and the importance of health care for people with developmental disabilities can help improve preventive health care.

If you would like to give a talk about health and health care to people with developmental disabilities, at your agency or organization, or to medical students, we are able to assist and provide helpful resources and information. Contact us at with any questions.

Need inspiration? Watch Yona Lunsky's talk about health for people with developmental disabilities (20 minutes on Youtube) or listen to doctor Sullivan talking about the guidelines for primary care of adults with developmental disabilities (5.50 minutes).


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