People with Developmental Disabilities and Caregivers​

Resources for People with Developmental Disabilities

The tools and resources on this page are designed for people with developmental disabilities and caregivers. You can use these tools to help prepare for health care appointments make communicating with your doctor easier, and learn how to stay healthy

About My Health

The About My Health form was developed by the Developmental Disabilities Primary Care Program at Surrey Place. Fill it out so you can share important information about yourself and your health with new health care providers. Having this information ready can help appointments run more smoothly.


Download About My Health

My Health Care Visit

The My Health Care Visit form was developed by the Developmental Disabilities Primary Care Program at Surrey Place. This form can be filled out during a health care visit to help you understand what was discussed during the appointment and any information you will need to know for follow-up.

Download My Health Care Visit

Going to the doctor

Andrew explains what happens at a doctor's visit and why it is important to get a health check every year.

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Other Communication Tools

About Me

Use the About Me to write down important information about yourself to share with hospital staff. 

Exit Interview

Fill out the Exit Interview with the doctor or nurse at the hospital before you leave to help you remember what happened during your visit.

Things to Know About Health 

It is important to know what you can do to make sure you are healthy. These information sheets will help you prepare for different health care appointments and tests:


About Cervical Cancer Screening


About Breast Cancer Screening



About Bowel Screening



About Going to the Hospital



About Going to the Doctor

Caregiver Resources

Azrieli Family Education Series

Watch a series of webinars on mental health for family caregivers of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Azrieli Family Education Series is facilitated by family advisors at the Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre at CAMH.

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More Videos for Caregivers

Jillian Carlyle talks about what clients and families should expect and prepare for when going to the emergency department.

Yona Lunsky walks through what occurs at a visit to the emergency department with some tips on how to make the most of the visit. 

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Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities


Dual Diagnosis: An Information Guide 

These guides provide families and caregivers with basic information about dual diagnosis and explain what we know about services and supports and how to best access them. They also suggest ways to take care of yourself while being a caregiver.