People with a Disability and Caregivers

Health Passports and Communication Tools

Today's Health Care Visit


The Today's Health Care Visit is a worksheet you can use to write information down before a health care visit. Click on the picture to print the worksheet.

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About Me

  The About Me is a helpful worksheet where you can write down important information about yourself and you can show it to the hospital staff. This worksheet includes: your favourite food and drinks; things that help you to feel safe and relaxed; things that you don't like; people that support you; your health conditions. Click on the picture to download and print the worksheet.

Exit Interview

  It is very important to understand what happened at any hospital visit. You need to remember what the doctors and the hospital team said, and to do things they suggested when you go home. You can fill out the Exit Interview with someone from the hospital before you leave to help make remembering easier.


Things to Know About Health 

It is important to know what you should check regularly to stay healthy. The internet has lots of very good videos, and handouts about taking care of your health. Here are some for you to check out:


About Cervical Cancer Screening


About Breast Cancer Screening



About Bowel Screening




About Going to the Hospital





About Going to the Doctor

Watch a Video


Getting a blood test. In this video Francie gives some great tips how you can make it easier to get a blood test done.


Going to the doctor. In this video Andrew explains what happens at a doctor's visit and why it is important to get a health check.

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Jillian Carlyle talks about what clients and families should expect and prepare for when going to the emergency department.


Yona Lunsky walks through what occurs at a visit to the emergency department with some tips on how to make the most of the visit. This video is designed to be used by individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

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Dual Diagnosis: An Information Guide 

This guide provides families with basic information about dual diagnosis and explains what we know about services and supports and how to best access them. It also suggests ways to take care of yourself while being a caregiver.