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Identifying Your Patients and Alerting the Team

Before care can be improved, 

1) patients with developmental disabilities (DD) need to be identified

2) their disability needs to be documented and communicated to colleagues

These resources offer some assistance on signs to look for and questions to ask if you are not sure if a person has a DD or not:

Screening for Developmental Disability

This quick-to-use guide includes clinical signs and symptoms as well as interview questions your could ask a patient (Note: This is NOT a diagnostic tool) This is a screening tool grew out of our implementation works as we learned that there were many patients whose functional presentation suggested the possibility of a DD.

About Me Tool

This is a patient tool, modified from other patient 'passports', and could be offered in the waiting room with signage encouraging people with DD to complete. If a patient/caregiver fills this out, it is likely a sign they are seeking out additional assiatnce. This prompts them to provide tips and strategies to enhance their care. Attach it to the chart and you are ahead of the game!