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"Making the Invisible Visible": H-CARDD provincial meeting

On February 23, 2016, the "Making the Invisible Visible" provincial meeting hosted by H-CARDD brought together policy and practice stakeholders from across Ontario to:

  1. reflect on our research findings
  2. highlight opportunities for changing the health and health service trajectories of adults with developmental disabilities
  3. develop strategic actions for health care policy and practice

Eighty-six individuals participated in this meeting, including clinicians, health planners from different LHINs, executive directors, representatives of community, social, health care and advocacy organizations, and policy makers from five Ontario ministries. 

Download and read a summary of the proceedings: "Making the Invisible Visible". This report includes key research findings and opportunities for action.


Town Hall Reports

In 2014-2015 H-CARDD hosted a series of Town Halls on the health and health care of people with developmental disabilities in Ontario. Research findings and discussions were captured in Town Hall reports. Please click on the links below for a report of each of these Town Halls.

February 12, 2015 - Gaps in health care for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental health or addiction issues

January 19, 2015 - Women and mothers with developmental disabilities: priorities for action

December 11, 2014 - Health status and service use in transition age youth with developmental disabilities


Applied Health Research Question Reports and Summaries

Applied Health Research Questions (AHRQs) are questions about health care in developmental disabilities that any knowledge user in Ontario (e.g., health care providers, policy makers, researchers) can ask of scientists from the H-CARDD team. The AHRQ initiative has been put in place to address the many barriers that tend to separate knowledge users from researchers. The process is intended to support knowledge exchange among policy makers, service providers, development/planning staff, and researchers. This process can help to identify research needs and gaps in evidence across the system and in turn inform policy development and service delivery. The AHRQ process is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. H-CARDD has answered several AHRQs on various topics, from medication use among adults with DD to issues related to aging.

Summaries of AHRQ reports.


Atlas on the Primary Care of Adults With Developmental Disabilities in Ontario

The Atlas on the Primary Care of Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Ontario describes, for the first time, the health status of these adults, their use of health care relative to other adults, and the extent to which the primary care they receive is consistent with established clinical guidelines.


Download a copy:

Full report



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