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H-CARDD snapshots are easy to understand two page summaries of the H-CARDD research findings or projects. Please use the links below to read and download a pdf version of a snapshot.

The H-CARDD snaphot is a modified version of the Research Snapshot template, developed by the Knowledge Mobilization Unit at York University, Toronto. Snapshots are developed based on recent H-CARDD scientific publications and projects, in collaboration with Ontario's Evidence Exchange Network (EENet). EENet is a mental health and addictions knowledge exchange network that connects stakeholders across Ontario. The network promotes the use of research evidence in decision-making, develops targeted knowledge translation products and tools, and supports interactive exchanges.

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Snapshots from the CIHR COVID Project to Support Mental Health

Supporting the mental health needs of people with developmental disabilities and their families: A national capacity building project

Snapshots from the Nuts and Bolts of Health Care Project 

The Nuts and Bolts of Health Care: Training Direct Support Professionals to be Effective Health Care Advocates 

Snapshot from 2019 H-CARDD Report

Addressing Gaps in the Health Care Services Used by Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Ontario 

Snapshots from the Atlas of Primary Care of Adults With Developmental Disabilities  

New resource describes the health of adults with developmental disabilities in Ontario

Prevalance of adult Ontarians with developmental disabilities higher than expected

Adults with developmental disabilities use emergency rooms more than other groups

Adults with developmental disabilities often don't get the preventative care they need

Adults with developmental disabilities need more support managing chronic diseases

Adults with developmental disabilities are at increased risk of adverse side effects due to the use of multiple medications 

Snapshots from H-CARDD research on vulnerable subgroups

What we know about adults with developmental disabilities and HIV

Adults with developmental disabilities and aging

A closer look at mental illness and addictions in people with developmental disabilities

Study examines health and health service use of young adults with autism and developmental disabilities

Women with developmental disabilities face numerous health challenges


Antipsychotic medication use in women and men with developmental disabilities

Pregnancy in women with developmental disabilities

Snapshots from H-CARDD research on health care interventions

Improving emergency care for people with developmental disabilities

Annual health checks can improve health care for adults with developmental disabilities

Other Snapshots from H-CARDD research

Supporting the mental health of adults with developmental disabilities and their families during COVID-19: A national capacity building project

How good primary care can prevent emergency department visits for people with developmental disabilities

High health care costs among adults with developmental disabilties

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