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Implementing Health Checks for Adults with Developmental Disabilities: A Toolkit for Primary Care Providers

This toolkit aims to equip primary care providers with tools and resources to support the provision of Health Checks for patients with developmental disabilities. To reach this end we have compiled both clinical tools - which may be useful at the point of care, in addition to implementation resources for those sites interested in formalizing a Health Check program. The latter includes strategies and resources to raise awareness in your site, mechanisms to identify patients with developmental disabilities, and suggestions on how to invite them in for a Health Check.

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Table of Contents

About this Toolkit  

About Developmental Disabilities 

Health Checks: What's the Evidence?

Top 10 Tips for a DD Health Check 

Four Steps to Implementation 

Before you get Started

Building Awareness in Your Clinic

Staff engagement SurveyProviding Care: A Team Approach, Promotional Material "I Am" CampaignEmail Blasts: Did you Know?, Quality Improvement Plans

Recognize Your Patients

Screening for DD in Adults, EMR Keyword Search Strategies, Searching and Assigning by ICD Codes, Identifying Patients with DD - Tracking, Creating a Patient Cohort

Proactive Invitation for a Health Check

Sample Phone Scripts, Creating Booking Alerts

Completing the Health Check

Health Check Template: Practice Solutions, Health Check Template: OSCAR, Systems Review for People with DD, Commonly Missed Diagnoses, Updating the Cumulative Patient Profile, Coordinated Care Plans, Today's Visit, Developmental Services Ontario, Template for Local Speciality Services, Financial Resources for People with DD, Educational Videos, Transitions Toolkit, Developmental Disabilities: Internet Links

Resources for Patients and Caregivers

Today's Health Care Visit, Getting More Money, Health Care Handouts: Mammogram, (FOBT, Pap Smear, Specialty Exams), Internet Links, About Psychological Assessments

Quick Guide

Caring for your adult patients with developmental disabilities: Tools for completing a DD health check  

This short guide is meant to serve as a quick reference resource. It includes screening tools, samples of health check templates, quick reference assessment guides, and health promotion and communication resources for patients.

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