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Direct Support Workers Newsletter

H-CARDD frequently contributes to other community service or health care agency newsletters. Please check this page regularly for updates. These newsletters for Direct Support Workers by Vita Community Services and HANDS provide information on health and developmental disabilities:

Risks and Responses: HIV and AIDS and People with Developmental Disabilities

Supporting People with IDD as They Age

Not Skirting the Issue: Discovering Ways to End Poor Health Care for Women with Developmental Disabilities

Medication, Education and Advocacy: Improving How People With Developmental Disabilities Use Medication

Movember and Men's Health: What You Should Know!

The Scoop on Poop

Let's Talk... About Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities

The Health Check: What is it and what do staff need to know?

In Case of Emergency, Please Read: Ideas and Strategies for Supporting with Developmental Disabilities Receiving Emergency Care

OUCH! How understanding pain can lead to gain when it comes to supporting those with developmental disabilities

Speaking Out: Understanding Sexuality and Diversity in LGBTQ+ Individuals with Developmental Disabilties

Hurry Up and Wait Your Turn: How to win at waiting game

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