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Proactive Invitation for a Health Check

Now that you've identifyed your patients with DD, the next step is to invite them in for a health check. The following provide simple strategies that we recommend (particularily if you are a larger site with multiple clerical staff and providers);

  • Identify one clerical lead who is comfortable interacting with patients with DD.
  • Provide a sample script (examples found below) and encourage the clerical staff member to make it his or her own. We found that having a script can be help as this is likely to be a new experience for both the patient and the staff member.

Sample Phone Scripts 

This handout include draft scripts that could be used by the clerical staff when calling patients or caregiver to book in for a health check. It also suggests to mail out a preparatory tool if the patients or caregiver would like to complete it in advance.

Creating Booking Alerts

This handout include various suggestions or reminders for the clerical staff to use at the time of booking and checking in the patient. It also recommends a reminder phone call two days before the health check.